Custom Apparel For Your Seasonal Business

August 6, 2019

Have you ever been to a grand opening, holiday celebration, or special event and received a t-shirt for attending? Do you wear this t-shirt out running errands weeks after you received it? You are now advertising for that event or business. 

Logoed apparel is a low-cost way to boost your company's image, expand your customer base, and increase your brand's reach. Whether you are getting polos for employee's everyday wear, t-shirts to mark a grand opening, or additional items to add to your retail list, printed and embroidered apparel is a great way to showcase your brand.  

Establish Community 

Custom apparel not only helps customers identify your employees, but it provides a sense of community within the store and promotes more meaningful interactions. Employees in branded apparel are likely to act more professionally, have better interactions with customers, and be more willing to assist as they are representing your company. Branding begins with your employees and spreads to other marketing areas. 

Mobile Advertising

Custom apparel can reach customers in unexpected places. By giving t-shirts to your employees or selling hoodies and tank tops to customers, your brand can reach areas traditional advertising cannot. While you should not overlook conventional advertising, logoed apparel adds to the information and content you are spreading throughout the community without directly saying so. This refers to the first example. Those t-shirts you are handing out at events will be worn weeks and months after, and at a variety of different places. You are creating this community of walking billboards all highlighting your business. Apparel is not often seen as advertising, so consumers are more likely to pay attention to it. Custom apparel leaves a subtle, but sometimes more powerful impression. Branded apparel is an effective and affordable way of promoting your business. 

Brand Recognition and Reach

Stand out against others in your community and increase your brand awareness. Set the tone for what you want to company to represent by using bright-colored clothing to show you are a fun and bubbly company dedicated to kids, or muted color t-shirts to promote a more professional business. Branded apparel shows dedication and attention to detail within your business. The more times a consumer sees your logo, the more likely they are to search online for your business. 

Suitable For All Markets

Logoed apparel isn't just for big-box chain stores with unlimited budgets. Even the small family-owned business and seasonal businesses can benefit from custom apparel. It does not matter how big or small the company is, having an item that is worn every day with your logo on it will grow your business for a fraction of the cost of most traditional marketing.

Apparel can range from adult to child sizes as well, so you are not restricted to just an adult audience. Many seasonal businesses target the younger audience. Pumpkin patches, Christmas tree farms, and fruit orchards are just a few examples of companies that would market to adults but rely on the kids to want to visit their location and enjoy their time spent there. Handing out kid's t-shirts is a great way to market that business. Not only is it an incentive to visit, but that shirt will be worn again and reach a broader audience. You can even use apparel to gain social media followers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram campaigns that involve some prize create more traction than traditional text posts or graphics. 

There are many popular and professional options for custom, branded apparel at affordable prices. CloudSent has an in-house, full-color screen printing press capable of producing over 400 shirts per hour. Print your logo on t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, tank tops, polos, and so much more! With a full staff of graphic artists, you can add some flare to your apparel designs without having to track down a designer. The process starts with a free quote and peace of mind knowing you will personally approve the mock-up before the shirts get sent to print. If screen printing doesn't fit your brand, we can help you find the perfect embroidery that does. 

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