Frequently Asked Questions
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Cloudsent Digital is a full-service marketing agency and offers a full slate of marketing solutions including social media management, website design, graphic design, SEO, digital ads, traditional advertising, custom apparel, print services and much more! Additionally, we offer the Cloudsent Point of Sale system.

We work with all kinds of businesses including those in healthcare, retail, technology, professional services and real estate. We specialize in serving seasonal businesses. We go above and beyond to learn about your business so that we can promote it in the best way possible.

Call 620-308-2823 or send an email to Our talented team would be happy to work with you! 

We can operate as your outsource marketing department to provide you with support in the areas you need most. We build deep working relationships with our clients and are always on deck to help you with any and every marketing need!

Cloudsent Digital is transparent. We will send you monthly reports so you can track the progress of your marketing campaign, and we will meet with you periodically to go over the information and make changes if necessary. We make sure we are always on the same page with our clients. Your success is our goal - if something is not working, we will change it!

The cost depends on the project. We offer different pay structures, including Flat Fee and Time and Materials. After discussing your needs we will decide which pay structure works best for you.

Every project is unique, each timeline is different. After we have a conversation with you about your needs, we can provide a timeline for your specific project. 

Absolutely! We can guide you on materials and help you look for local printers in your area. We also provide printing services in-house! 

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