Get Started with Pinterest Marketing

July 10, 2019

Pinterest is a social media platform used for sharing ideas and gathering inspiration - it’s free and easy to set up! Almost a quarter of the U.S. population is active on Pinterest, and 85% of those users are on mobile, making Pinterest a great tool to market your business. Keep reading to learn how your business can benefit from Pinterest marketing!

Step One: Sign Up For A Business Account

Use an email specifically for your business rather than a personal email account. Pinterest provides clear instructions on how to set up your account and will guide you through the process. You can sign up for a Pinterest business account here:

Step Two: Personalize Your Profile

When you set up your Pinterest business account, you’ll want to first complete your profile. Choose a profile picture and resize to 165x165 pixels and write a bio for your profile. Make sure to include keywords relevant to your business to optimize search results. Ensure your bio includes a full summary of your business to help potential customers learn about your services.

Step Three: Confirm Your Website

Confirm your website on Pinterest to gain access to even more features including in-depth analytics. Confirming your website will also link your business website and your business Pinterest page. Linking your website and Pinterest will allow users to pin directly from your website - cool! 

Step Four: Create Boards

Create boards for each content category you plan to pin. You can create these boards ahead of time or as you have new pins. On each board write a description of what the pins on that board are about. Create cover photos for your boards - images or graphics that represent the board are recommended. 

Step Five: Start Pinning!

When you’re ready to start pinning, keep in mind high-quality photos and graphics perform best. Link each pin back to your website to increase traffic. If you have a lot of content to pin, it’s best to spread it out over time rather than all at once. Pin a few posts every day to make sure you are posting consistently. Thankfully, Pinterest offers a scheduling feature to make this easier for you! Creating high-quality visuals is a sure way to attract traffic to your page. Don’t forget to focus on the words as well! Strong pin descriptions will help to promote the product in ways a visual can’t.

Some Extra Tips:

  • If you plan to create pins specific to a season, holiday or event, it’s best to start posting about forty-five days in advance.
  • Make sure there is an add on button to give visitors the option to post a pin directly from your site.
  • It has been found that lifestyle posts perform better than product posts, so rather than just pinning a picture of the product you’re selling, show it being used in real life.
  • Share your Pinterest pins and boards on other social media platforms to help your business page gain traction.
  • Check the analytics page frequently. If a particular pin is doing well, create more like it.
  • Keep pins readable – use appropriate typography, font size and have plenty of color contrast.

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